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The CIX40 is an IP communication system that brings powerful IP Telephony and Strata Net networking capabilities to small customers and branch office locations.  Add an optonal intergrated Toshiba Voice Processing system for a cost-effective business solution

CIX 100

The CIX100/CIX100-S systems are compact systems but they provide large system features and can grow upwards to a total of 112 ports.

Toshiba Telephones

Toshiba offers a wide range of telephone units to meet every companies needs. 


Mid-State Teledata provides GN Netcom Headsets as well as Plantonics Headsets that come in a variety of styles as well as a variety of functionality.

Valcom Paging Speaker

Mid-State Teledata offers paging system solutions using Valcom Paging Speakers.  Let us design a paging system for you.

Toshiba iES 32 Voice Mail Card

Toshiba iES 32  Voice Mail Card- expands up to an 32 port system and provides all the essential applications like Automated Attendant, Call Routing, Telephone Answering, Voice Messaging, Message Notification with 5-seat Unified Messaging

Toshiba IVP 8 Voice Mail system

Toshiba IVP 8 Voice Processing system expands up to 8 ports and offers Automated Attendant, Call Routing, Telephone Answering and Voice Messaging.

Polycom Conference Unit

Mid-State Teledata can provide your business with the latest in Conference Units.

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